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Priliminary 2020-21 Season Schedule

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If you would like to register your child for the 2020-2021 dance season please email us at:

You can also print out our online registration form from the link below, fill it out, and bring into the studio to get registered!


Student who are participating competitively in the 2020/2021 dance season are required to take minimum one technique class a week (Ballet or Jazz Technique)

Class Descriptions


Ballet classes are a structured class focusing on strength, alignment, flexibility, balance, and musicality. Through barre exercises, centre work, and across the floor students will learn the basics of ballet and dance, and the proper terminology of classical ballet.




Jazz is a fast paced, up beat, high energy class working on flexibility, technique, strength, and individual style. Jazz will develop students to learn big jumps, high kicks, quick turns, and other stylized moves. 

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. In these classes students will challenge themselves to interpret the music and express emotion by using fluid movements and motions.

Modern is an expressive and free movement class. Modern rejects the classical structured steps of ballet, and focuses on inner feeling through strong movements. Modern classes work on elements of improvisation, release techniques, and performance art to open the mind and body .




Tap dance is a form of dance that uses tap shoes to form percussions. By striking the floor student will learn rhythmic patterns. These classes will teach the correct terminology along with combinations.

Hip-Hop refers to a broad genre of street dance styles. This is another high energy, up beat class that explores different styles like commercial/new style, jazz funk, popping, and grooving. This class will teach technique, texture, ground movements and much more.

Acro is a class that  blends acrobatics and dance. This class will focus on flexibility, balance, coordination, body awareness, strength and self-discipline. This class will use proper dance technique and precision acrobatic elements to strengthen kids of all ages. 

Class Attire

Primary Ballet

Junior Ballet

Intermediate Ballet

Senior Ballet







Hair in bun, pink leotard, pink tights, leather ballet shoes, ballet skirt (optional)

Hair in bun, pink leotard and pink tights, leather ballet shoes, ballet skirt (optional)

Hair in bun, leotard and pink tights, leather ballet shoes, ballet skirt (optional)

Hair in bun, leotard and pink tights, canvas ballet shoes

Hair in ponytail, stretchy moveable clothes, black jazz shoes

Hair in ponytail, stretchy movable clothes, beige lyrical shoes

Hair in ponytail, stretchy, tight, movable clothes, toe undies/ bare feet

Hair in ponytail, stretchy, tight, movable clothes, black tap shoes

Stretchy, movable clothing, clean inside running shoes, hair back

 Hair in ponytail, stretchy, tight, movable clothing, bare feet