Sydney Hansel

Sydney, dance instructor and a owner of The Vault Dance Complex, started her dance education in Penticton at the young age of 3. During the early years of training in the Okanagan as a competitive dancer, Sydney completed all her RAD exams and adapt jazz exams (Junior - Intermediate). She has also participated to competitions in B.C and the U.S. and received numerous awards and medallions. Sydney had the opportunity to attend conventions/workshops in New York (The Pulse Tour), Las Vegas, Vancouver (Jump), Harbour Dance Centre (BC) and learn from many notable choreographers/dancers. Sydney has been apart of multiple dance and acting productions over the years and continues preforming with professional dance groups. With over 15 years of experience, her training in the Okanagan has now lead her to teach at multiple dance schools and now open her own. Sydney teaches many dance styles including: ballet, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and street jazz. Sydney's primary goal is to give her students the knowledge and tools they need to progress technically and to create passionate well trained dancers. Sydney strives to bring new, bold choreography to all her classes in the Okanagan!    

Taiyler Lawless

Taiyler Lawless, dance instructor and another owner of The Vault Dance Complex. Born in Vancouver BC, started her dancing career at the young age of 3. Between gymnastics and martial arts her love for dance was undeniable. In her teen years she danced with Affinity Dance Inc. in Langley, BC. Finishing her graduating year there, moved to work with hip hop world choreography Paul Otterbein at Kick It Up A Notch academy of dance in Aldergrove, BC. From there her team lead themselves to try out for world competitions and many more! At the age of 23, she rekindled her passion for dance when moving to Penticton BC. She previously taught & trained with Army Of Sass Penticton empowering woman of all ages to love themselves. She is making her dreams a reality of owning and running a successful business of her own. 

Annalee Casavant
Robin Brady

Robin has been entertaining the Okanagan with her dancing since she was 3 years old. Her passion for dance has taken her across Canada and the United States. She has attended workshops at Edge Studios (CA), Harbour Dance (BC), Alvin Ailey (NY), Jump (SE), Disneyland (CA), and Broadway Dance (NY) and has had the privilege to work with great dancers and choreographers like Mia Michaels, Billie Bell, Mandy Moore, Josh Beamish, Melanie Moore and Tara Jean but to name a few. Robin is proud to have been part of the opening for the International Children’s Winter Games in January 2011 under Josh Beamish’s vision. She has represented Penticton Kiwanis Festival at Provincials several times for Modern and Jazz and received an honourable mention in 2010. Robin has been competitively dancing for the more than 15 years and has won many awards and scholarships. Her top priority as a teacher is to bring out confidence and a good work ethic in her students, giving them the ability to perfect their technique. Robin has an extreme passion for exploring new styles and choreography and we are very excited to have her. She has previously danced and instructed at Okanagan Dance Studios and continues teaching with Dance Oasis Studios, and now with The Vault Dance Complex.