The Vault Dance Complex is offering drop-in classes for all adults in our community from beginner to advanced levels. We pride ourselves on having a safe space to learn, teach, and inspire anyone looking for a new fitness routine, new dance moves or just wanting to get back into dance. Try your first class for free!

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Broadway Jazz


Street Jazz

Tap dance is a form of dance that uses tap shoes to form percussions. By striking the floor students will learn rhythmic patterns. These classes will teach rhythm and combinations.

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz techniques. These classes will challenge you to interpret the music and express emotion by using fluid movements and motions.

Ballet classes are a structured class focusing on strength, alignment, flexibility, balance, and musicality. Through barre exercises, centre work, and across the floor students will learn the basics of ballet and dance, and the proper terminology of classical ballet.

Broadway Jazz is a stylized jazz based class. Focusing on characterization, performance, and jazz technique. This upbeat class has all the classic broadway styles & performance quality you want! 

Hip-Hop refers to a broad genre of street dance styles. This is a high energy, up beat class that explores different styles like commercial/new style, jazz funk, popping, and grooving. This fun class will teach technique, texture, ground movements and much more.

Street jazz is a fusion of many different modern dance styles including hip-hop, jazz, funk, and contemporary. This fun class will focus on performance and the texture of movement. This class has a little bit of everything!

Class Attire

Tap - Hair back, stretchy, tight, movable clothing, black tap shoes / runners

Lyrical - Hair back, stretchy, movable clothing, bare feet / socks

Ballet Barre - Hair back, stretchy, tight, movable clothing, canvas ballet shoes / bare feet

Broadway Jazz - Hair back, stretchy, movable clothing, runners / heels (optional)

Hip-hop - Hair back, movable, comfortable clothing, clean inside running shoes

Street Jazz - Hair back, stretchy, movable clothing, runners / heels (optional)